28 February 2012

Snuff Box

Another Comedy show I have grown fond of has emerged, and I have as usual found the forum and joined it it's here . The show went out on BBC Three recently and starred Rich Fulcher (In the Picture to the left) And Matt Berry Of Mighty boosh fame, Matt was also Dr Sanchez in "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" I wrote about below. Matt also wrote the music for the series and sang and played all the instruments.

It's set in a gentleman's club somewhere in upper class England, and Matt is the hangman, Rich plays his assistant. It's quite dark and very surreal in places. There's a BBC Three Site for it here where you can download the songs and I believe still watch some clips.

The Forum needs a little help at the moment it's most online at one time record is 8, there's 0nly 41 members, so please sign up if you're a fan of the show. You can even download a rare Matt Berry album called "opium" there, that is associated with Garth Marenghi's Dark Place under the thread "Matt berry's album Opium"

Update-You can't download the album at the forum anymore as it's changed slightly since they heard there might not be another series of Snuff Box, it has more members now too. You can usually buy the album on Ebay, Matt's agent sells them.

Hello by the way I've been away for a while while they connected my broadband at my new house. I'm back now however so normal posting will be starting again soon.

Update-Matt now has a myspace profile where you can also order the CD of "Opium" here

Rich also has a profile here and has less friends than Matt when I type this so be sure to add him if you are a fan.


The Creep said...
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Mark said...

Glad to see you back Nancy! How's the new home?