16 July 2004

men are cunts!

The Cyber boyfriend turned out to be a tosser after all, thank god I didn't waste any time on him. finally showed his true colours just before I meet him, why'd he have to do that eh? just before we met, I was so looking forward to it as well. I was just going to sit in and eat findus crispy pancakes, but I might have to go out and buy booze now. Sit alone and drink myself silly and cry about a man I've never even met, how much more fucked up can everything get? I don't know anymore. well, I've got my food cooking, this will leave it tight for whether I can get to the shop to get the booze. But I just counted £6:45 in my pocket, so if I make it I shall have loads!
I think I'll be here moaning and berating myself for quite some time tonight, particularly if I get drunk, don't know why I didn't start one of these before. Well signing off to go on the booze run, wish me luck.


Silvanea said...

We are not all bad. X X

Tess said...

I know exactly what you mean.. I have just recently been stuffed around by this seemingly nice cyber guy only for him to suddenly cut contact! He was going to buy a plane ticket and all to come and see me, then cuts all communication without telling me why. Silvanea, if guys 'are not all bad' then why do SO MANY of them do this to women? And hot women I might add.. I think men at this time need to grow up and stop acting like such cowardly jerks. At least tell the woman you are seeing what is going on, it is so much kinder then just not speaking to them which is what a little boy would do.
Good luck hun, XOX

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Men basically don't know how to communicate. if there is a problem, the least they can do is tell us what it is thats the issue.

I was chatting to a bloke I worked with online every night. He and i were quite close and things were said that made it quite obvious it was going to start happening.... until one day, he completley cut me off. I dont know why, he doesnt even return a hello when i message him.

Why do they all seem to do this!!!

Anonymous said...

Er all the ones I meet are bad!

Cyber man one - told me seeing me was upsetting his daughter & he wasnt prepared to make her share. Then posts "coupley/family pics" on Facebook with new g/friend! You guessed he not only cheated, he lied too!

Whats wrong with saying, sorry I've met someone else?

Cyper man two - very attentive, works away. One message/reply, another/nothing. Has he been on line? You betcha! Dumped by default I guess? What else am I supposed to think? Just downright rude & cowardly if you ask me. How do you know what you dont know? Cut off without a trace. In my case things had started happening.

Men please confirm? I would be interested in hearing an unbiased males point of view on the subject.