9 January 2007

Goddess Of The Week - Egyptian Goddess Isis

Isis is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of rebirth, her other titles include "The giver of life"and the "Goddess of Magic". Her legend is complicated and there are apparently many different versions, but it goes something like this.

She was the daughter of Nut and Geb, and her husband was her Brother Osiris who she bought back from the dead after her other Brother Seth killed him. She gave birth to Horus who later became a sun God, she apparently got her Goddess like powers by convincing the Sun god Ra to reveal his secret name to her. She is one of the only and first Goddess's to wonder among women teaching them about useful skills like Weaving cloth and grinding corn to make bread. As well as motherhood and how to tame men to live with them. She also taught the people the skills of reading a agriculture. As a result of all this good work she became the model on which other female deities were based in other cultures, and became the embodiment of the complete female known as "The one who is All" and "Lady of Ten thousand names". She is also A moon Goddess

You can call upon her help with thing related to motherhood and womanhood, also sorcery and herbology.

My sources for this article were the book "Goddesses And Angels" by Doreen Virtue published by Hay House, an excellent book I'll be reviewing here soon. Also the website "the Goddess gift" which I have linked to the story of Isis on through the Post title, you can find much more detail about the legend of Isis there.
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Nic said...


I just received this exact image on papyrus.

I have always been fascinated with this time and details.
I was wondering if you were able to find out the translation of the hieroglyphs?

Thanks for your time and sharing your information.
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