14 December 2005

Where Are All The British Pagans?

Upon browsing the internet I realize there is a sad lack of British Pagan websites, where are all the British pagans?

I was searching for Yule recipes, and when unchecked “UK Only” on Google, bingo, millions. Pagan traditions are supposed to originate from the British Isles, but we clearly haven’t mastered using the internet to network

Yet if my search results are anything to go by. If any British pagans do happen to stumble upon my site please leave a comment to let me know you were here.


alwayscrashing said...

A lot of UK websites are actually technically in the USA, but I don't know of any UK pagan/wiccan websites anyway. I know my own websites would not show up in a 'UK only' search though. They have an american domain name and are on a server in Texas.

I had considered starting one myself... but I don't know enough and I just know I wouldn't update often enough.

Plus I tend to keep matters of a spiritual nature to myself.

Nancyrowina said...
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Nancyrowina said...

I worked like that but decided to start writing about my religion when faced by the millions of bloggers writing about Christianity all the time. So why not write about my own religion a bit?

Spicy Cauldron said...

Hi Nancy

Dropping in from the pagan-creative mailing list. Great blog! I will add you to my blogroll. You can find some other pagan blog links there as well. x

Spicy Cauldron said...

I agree with alwayscrashing.org, mine would not show up on a UK only search either and mine has been a resolutely and defiantly British Pagan blog since I started it in August 2004. We are here, my friend. Promise! :-) x