25 February 2012

To Anyone Who Thinks People On Benefits Are Living The Life Of Riley.

Recent bashing of everyone forced to claim benefits by the media and the government has pissed me off constantly in recent months, and reading the comments on newspapers websites seems to suggest the public are lapping it up and genuinely believe we are all living in Luxury and laughing at the tax payer. The suggestion about capping benefits at £26000 a year makes me laugh, me and my partner get nowhere near that, the only people who do will be families with lots of children, and they need the money to provide for them.

Me and my partner get about £65 a week each (paid fortnightly) to live on, out of that we pay for electricity, food, bills, and the top up rent (housing benefit doesn't cover all of it and never has). After that there's nothing left at all, we can't afford to go to the cinema or eat out or go to pubs or gigs or anything like that. The only time I ever get to go out is when my dad takes me and pays for me.

I live in a terrible run down flat in an old building which is the only place I can afford to live, there wasn't even a fire alarm system until the council intervened and made the landlord install one. My flat still doesn't have a fire door despite the landlady being told to install one, and the roof leaks in two places, she's been told to fix it but nothing has happened. None of the windows open since they were repainted and there's mould growing everywhere as a result as the place is damp, here are some pictures of what I found earlier when I moved a piece of furniture:

 I cleaned it off after taking the picture, but as you can see the situation is pretty bad black and white mould are carcinogenic so god knows what living in these conditions is doing to our health.We can't afford to move and even complaining to the council gets very little response and slow results, all the man from the council can do is keep writing to her and telling her to move faster, which she doesn't.

We're freezing and damp in the winter and only received one cold weather payment (to pay for more electricity) this year. It came too late as well as the criteria for how many days it has be below 0 to get one changed, and the really cold weather was just ending when it did, people on JSA don't even get those, they just had to freeze when their electricity ran out I imagine.

So to anyone out there lucky enough to have a job in this tough economic climate who thinks we are all living in luxury on benefits, want to swap with me for a week and live like I do?

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