4 April 2009

My Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic

All bloggers want more traffic and I’ve recently been working on increasing my blogs Google page and Alexa rankings (I’ve written a series of posts on the subject) to increase my traffic and the value of my blog generally. It’s working so I wanted a write a post about what I have done to help others who are trying to achieve the same thing. I haven’t spent any money just time and effort, there’s no easy way to do it you just have to put in a bit of work then keep posting regularly to maintain it. This site does a free widget to keep track of your google page rank on a blogger blog, and build a widget to monitor your Alexa Ranking on this site. It takes the widgets a few days to calculate your ranking before they display it so don't worry if it says zero at first.

It's important to create backlinks to your blog to make it's search engine ranking higher, so the first thing you need to do is add your blog to as many blog directories as you can, Start a blogroll if you don’t have one already, link to your favourite blogs and ask them for a link back, the more links to your site the better as the search engine spiders pick up on them and it makes your site look more important. It's also important to connect with your fellow bloggers, if someone leaves you a comment give them a comment back, make friends and increase your traffic and backlinks at the same time.

Install a stat counter on your blog and see which posts attract the most visitors from search engines and try to create more posts like them. Google also has it's own free keyword tool, use it to find the best keywords for the subject of your post and try to get at least one good keyword in the title as well as a couple in the body of your post, but don't overdo it readers and search engines will soon pick up on keyword stuffing and leave.  Your blogs content is key to all of this, if your blog has nothing to offer people won't visit it, so post about interesting subjects you like to discuss like your hobbies and interests and current news stories, my most popular posts are the ones I've written about Goddesses like Isis, and posts that contain links to pagan graphic sites, other popular posts are articles about how to do things.

Good Traffic Exchanges For Bloggers

Waiting for floods of traffic from search engines takes a long time, so to bring visitors to your site quickly try joining traffic exchanges, these are sites where you sign up list your site then view other peoples sites in exchange for credits, you then use those credits to get people to view your site return. You can't rely solely on traffic exchanges for traffic but they help to boost the traffic to your blog while you wait for search engine optimization to take effect.

 Expose Your Blog is the best blog based traffic exchange.The amount of blogs you have to go through to earn credits seems tight at first, but keep clicking as there are bonus credits, look out for the banners and the verification pages.

Traffic Swarm is another traffic exchange that works slightly differently to Blog Explosion instead of looking at the sites directly you view a list of links and click on the ones you are interested in to earn credit. The credits burn up as quickly as I can surf and my Alexa ranking shot up after I listed the blog on there so it is worth using. Just make sure you write something that grabs the surfers attention in the description of your link when you submit it. The site is full of MLM marketing links so the surfers will be pleased for a break from that and click your link if they like the sound of it.

free web site traffic and promotion

Link referral.com is similar to traffic swarm but you don’t earn credits your link just moves higher up the list the more sites you view. You also move up the list when you review sites you’ve viewed and post in the forums, the reviews don’t have to be long just useful, and your site also get reviewed by other users so you get tips on how to improve your blog for free too.

Traffic Exchange with 570,000+ members

Easy hits 4 U is also an excellent traffic exchange for quickly delivering traffic it is very active and the credits are used up very quickly and lots of hits delivered. They have a 1:1 surf ratio if you select that option too, slightly longer timer but worth it.

Using these sites takes a time so you may not be able to do it everyday so just use them when you can but it really does help improve the flow of visitors and attract new readers so it worth it.

These tips will take at least a month to take effect and as I said at the beginning of this post you have to put in some work there’s no easy way to do it. You’re Alexa ranking will go up before the Google page rank increases as apparently Google only assesses page ranks once a month so you have to be patient.


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