3 April 2009

Paying Post

Saw today that my google Page rank has finally risen from zero to two, and my Alexa ranking is slowly improving every couple of days too so the work is paying off.
My Blog has also just been approved for another paid posting site called payingpost.com which allows people to advertise on blogs by paying the author to review their site or product. Great for advertisers as they get back links to their site and create a buzz about their company as blogging becomes more popular. More and more people are reading blogs daily to keep up with the news and consulting them for honest reviews written by real people about what to buy and what’s the best site for what product etc, it really is a powerful place to look for advertising.
And for us Blogger's we deserve to make a little extra money in these hard times after all our hard work attracting visitors and improving our page ranks, and the posts actually attract new visitors to your blog because of the key words you probably otherwise wouldn’t have written. You also get to choose what posts you accept too so you are never forced to write about anything you wouldn’t want to or wouldn’t fit in with the content of your blog.
The sites design is nicer than some of the other paid posting sites I’ve seen and the price of the posts looks reasonable too (I haven’t seen any for less than $10 yet). The site is easy to navigate and automatically only shows posts your blog qualifies for so you don’t waste your time writing a post only for it to be rejected because your blog doesn’t qualify somewhere in the small print (it’s painful when that happens) . If you're Blogger who wants to make some extra cash click here for more information and how to sign up.

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