21 January 2007

My Sunday Blessing - Music

Music is important to me and has got me through some rough times in my life, listening to music can be great healer or bring back painful memories it is a powerful force. there are songs that remind me of people I once knew who are gone, and songs that remind me of people I still know.

Life would be so different if we didn't have music, a world without music is unimaginable to me my earliest memories are all of songs. Members of my family are musicians, my mother sang the Blues and my dad wishes he was Bob Dylan :) . I'm learning to play the guitar now myself and have been a singer for a few years, soon I'll be able perform at least one song completely on my own ( I do do some songs unaccompanied anyway, but it will be great to be able accompany myself on guitar).


Whatever said...

When someone writes a story or shares a song, etc. I like to think of it as sharing a part of themselves with others. If this helps someone then it is twice the gift that it was before.

MsDemmie said...

Thats next weeks blessing out the window ! Music was on my list for next week !

Beautiful comment too from whatever :)

DO you play an intrument at all - do you sing ?

CyberCelt said...

We all have music and dance in our souls. Only a talented few are able to share with others what is in our heart.

Have a great week.

stev said...

the heavens cry when i sing (in a not so good way :P)

but with that said... i appreciate & enjoy music in most genres & forms

really do believe as well that it's an expression of one's heart & soul :)

go bob dylan!

Kuanyin said...

I love to sing too! It's one of my favorite ways to express my joy. Blessings on carrying-on with your singing and learning to play guitar.
Happy BYB Sunday...Kuanyin

Blue Panther said...

Music is a great thing. I intend to blog about it in one of my BYB posts too.

Sometimes a tune or a piece of music gets attached to something else in our minds and everytime we hear that music we are reminded of that thing. There are several such things that are associate din my mind and whenever I hear that music I get washed over by a strong wave of nostalgia.

Have a great week!