22 January 2007

Pretty Bits Part Geek Part Chic

My usual Monday Pagan book review has been usurped in place of a thank you to Mabel at "Pretty bits part Chic Part Geek" a digital graphics blog, She created the button for my Book Shop you can see to the left and the banner now displayed in my shop, they are made in photoshop I think.

I didn't expect them to be animated so that was a nice surprise I'm very impressed with them, her ideas are fantastic and she made them for a donation so big thanks to her. If anyone has any Graphic requests you can contact her through her Blog (the Post title is the link), she comes highly recommended by me anyway.

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing "Rune Power" By Kenneth Meadows, so tune in then :).

1 comment:

Lizard Princess said...

Hi! Neat blog....I like the colors and layout you have.
Come over and visit sometime!