17 January 2007

Goddess Of The Week Felicitas.

Since today is the day she was traditionally honored I thought I'd write about Felicitas.

She is a Roman Goddess and is said to be the Goddess of Good Fortune, success and happiness, as well as prosperity particularly agricultural. She was a favorite Goddess of the Emperors and their Generals, she was also associated with the Roman imperial family. Though there was a temple built for her as early as the second Century BC there is no myth associated with her. The only picture I could find (above left) of her was on a coin where she apparently often appeared.

So today would be a good day to call upon her for success and happiness if you need some. :) Click the Rainbow Squid below to read my full article about Goddesses on Squidoo.

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1 comment:

9000 said...

Goddess of beer as well. There ye go. A deity with a wee side interest in swally.

So, what's the holidays like for Pagan's, better than for Catholics?

Might go Aboriginal mind you, 3 months off to go for a walk.