16 January 2007

Magical Herb Of The Week - Lavender.

Lavender is a very popular plant I grow myself as it has many uses both magical and around the home, you can even make biscuits from it.

It is said to attract love which lets face it we could all do with more of. It's long been believed to attract men I even read this has been scientifically proven
it's down to a pheromone in it.

Hundreds of years ago the oil was worn by prostitutes to attract men magically, and to identify them as "ladies of the night". Yet during the Renaissance it was believed to protect a woman's chastity if worn with Rosemary. So some conflicting stories there maybe people forget about the hooker thing or something. It's also said to to protect from cruel treatment by your partner if worn on it's own.

I use the essential oil for relaxation as I suffer from insomnia, burning or smouldering these flowers is also said to induce sleep.

If you place a piece of Lavender under your pillow just before you go to bed and think about a wish, then find you dreamt of your wish you will achieve it, if however you don't dream of it you will not. I'm going to try that one myself when my plants grow back in the summer see if it works.

It's also been used to aid seeing ghosts (by carrying it) and worn to stop yourself getting the Evil Eye.

I found an interesting web page on Lavender here if you'd like to read more about this herb, and if anyone knows how to make these Lavender Biscuits please let me know as I'd love to try making them.

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msdemmie said...

Lavendar has to be my absolute favourite - possibly because it grows so easily here - and has so many uses.