8 December 2006

Crack Open The Champagne!

I've two reasons to celebrate today, the first being I may have finally found a job I can do from home that will enable me to earn enough money to sign off sickness benefit if it works out. It involves getting leisure business's to sign up to advertise with a website ( I won't advertise them here till I get the job :) ), and I'll be paid on a commission basis per business I recruit. Living on the Isle Of Wight I should be able to make a fortune the amount of hotels B&B's and other leisure attractions there are here.

And secondly I found a magnificent post telling me how to stop Firefox constantly resizing itself while I surf sites like blogadvance, and explaining why it does it. This annoying trait of Firefox has long been the bane of my internet surfing experiences. Oh Happy days! I'm so happy in fact I'm going to try by luck at a Battle Of The Blogs at Blog Explosion, and even if I lose I shall still be insanely happy! I haven't even taken my Anti-Depressant today too so it must be good.

I'm also going away for 2 days to the Blog meet In Covent Garden for Britblog members (full details here) so this will be my last post, if you're going I look forward to meeting you there, If not don't worry I'll be posting photo's.


Rob Gale said...

I'll be attending tomorrow so will see you there.

CyberCelt said...

Congrats on the job.

What a great place to live, the Isle of Wright.

Have a good weekend.