19 September 2005


Here's the photo I promised of my Cat Gizmo, sitting where she likes to sit every night while I'm working on the computer. You can see it's just above my mouse restricting my ability to move it freely, so this is isn't very convenient. Look how happy and contented she looks too, no idea she's sat in the most inconvenient place ever. Rubbing her head against my hand when I go to click the mouse is common too, how helpful when cutting and pasting html, she's also a fan of sitting on the book you are reading to get your attention.
Both my cats love to go outside and complain when I try to lock them in, but I'm moving soon so I will have to keep them inside the new place for a long time day and night. I'm not sure how long it takes before they don't run back to the old place, some say six weeks, others say as little as two weeks. After the things I've read recently I'd like to keep them indoors all the time, but now they are used to going outside I can't, though I never let them stay out at night anymore.
In honor of my cats I did a google search for cat graphics, and found a wonderful site called "Glenda Moores Cat Stuff", they have loads of great cat related buttons for your blog or web page. As well as all kinds of other cat graphics, like backgrounds and such, I have several of their buttons in my sidebar. You have to host them yourself, and they like you to put a button for them if you use their graphics, I'll definitely be going back for more from them later.
Another good site for Cat Lovers, who also like quilting is "Cat's Who Quilt" , I found it years ago and have loved it ever since, if you enjoy making patchwork quilts and have a cat you will love this place. It contains links to loads of free cat sewing patterns and projects, mainly quilting. Finally, thanks to my friend Rob (Zalabar) who helped me earlier with some html trouble I was having making the button for the "Cats stuff" site you can see below the cat graphics in my side bar.


Dirty Butter said...

I usually sit on the sofa and work on the laptop. Our last kitty loved to play with (translation = bite)the mouse cord! I couldn't get anything done, as my attempts to move her were viewed by her as a wonderful game.


Bonnie said...

My cats love it too. If I'm doing more typing than cutting and pasting with the mouse, well then they walk in front of the screen between the keyboard..

Shane said...

Doesn't that cat know he's next to a mouse?

Anonymous said...

Of course he knows it is inconvenient for you to use the mouse when he is there. He doesn't want you to use the mouse,he wants you to pay attention to him.

dolphin said...

My cats both do that but the older one, Hobbes, isn't afraid to simply stand on the keyboard if he feels I'm paying too much attention to it and not enough to him. I have a wireless keyboard and you have no idea how much time I sit at the computer with the keyboard in my lap, trying to type with one hand and pet Hobbes (who is sitting on the desk where the keyboard is SUPPOSED to be) with the other.