20 September 2005

"Galaxy Promises cocoa Crisp (chocolate)" Review

I enjoy good chocolate, so I thought why not do chocolate reviews on the blog too? I'll never review boring bog standard chocolate, only particularly fine stuff. There is a big difference in the standard of chocolate, cheaper stuff you buy at the news agent has lot's of vegetable oil in it, to prolong the shelf life and make it cheaper. This effects the way it feels in your mouth, real chocolate contains mainly cocoa butter, which melts at mouth temperature, but that is more expensive. I'm in a club where I receive fine chocolate from time to time, you'll be hearing about that as soon as it arrives.
Here is my first review "Galaxy Promises Cocoa Crisp" is the new chocolate bar from galaxy, it's a bit more expensive than normal galaxy, but tastes like it contains less vegetable oil, the pieces are not square which is quite original, you can see their shape on the wrapper above. The pieces contain both milk and dark chocolate (milk on top, dark on the bottom) and alternate pieces have the "crisp" which is nice, but I've had crispier chocolate. I love the design of the wrapper (it's come out dark on my scanner) Purple is my favorite colour, and there's gold tinfoil on the inside too, which all adds to the opening experience with the chocolate. It definitely tastes better than cheaper galaxy chocolate, I would buy it again.

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Gerald said...

I want some, I want some, I want some.

The end.

...want some