21 September 2005


Thought I'd better post a picture of Tabitha before she gets jealous of Gizmo for getting all the attention on my blog.

She was my first cat I got her when she was about eight weeks old, she was covered in fleas when she came which can kill a kitten, they suck out so much of their blood they die of anemia. She also had ear mites which meant her ears were all blocked up with brown dirt, so she couldn't hear properly for the first few weeks of her life and she had to have ear drops for ages. Though the vet said we caught it in time to prevent her hearing being damaged, she is quite a jumpy cat, I wonder if this is to do with her hearing being impaired when she was young . Sudden noises and things that rattle or rustle (like plastic bags) freak her out more than they do Gizmo.
She's fine now though, thinks she owns the place, I got Gizmo when they were both six months old (they are not actually related, though they look similar). So she is dominant over Gizmo because she was here first, she claws her when she walks in the door, goes near the food etc. They don't fight badly though, no fur and blood flying, and my new place will be bigger, more space for Gizmo to keep out of the way.

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Dawn said...

cute cat!