10 December 2006

My Sunday Blessing-Holidays

This week I've decided to blog about holidays as my Sunday Blessing, I have just got back from a trip to London for the Britblog meeting, it went well I met a lot of new people and had a great time. Stupidly I forgot to take my camera to the actual meeting so have no photo's myself of the actual event :( . Luckily Darren Straight did remember his and documented the event in photographs well here.

Robert also took Photographs you can find on his flickr page, and you can find all the photo's taken and uploaded to the flickr Britblog photo group, more details and a full list of every on the Britblog Blog.

On Sunday morning we went to Covent Garden where we saw a mime dressed as Dr Jekyll, I was so amused I insisted Vinny take a photo. I've posted the picture with the post, it's not a very good photo of me I'm laughing (and also hate photo's of myself) but the mime looks good and I was impressed by his idea of wrapping him in his coat ( he communicated it to me without saying a word too.) You just wouldn't see that sort of thing in my home town it takes a trip to London to find good street theater.

Holidays help us relieve the stress of everyday life, meet new people and experience new places, what more can you ask for out of life really?

I have a couple more pictures of my trip to London I will upload to flickr shortly.


CyberCelt said...

Cool picture. So you went to meet other bloggers? That was brave.

Stopped by for BYB. Have a great week.

Kuanyin said...

Greetings on BYB Sunday from another BYB, Kuanyin! Your photo is a hoot! Travel is so expansive...we meet ourselves in other s(Elves)! :-)

Whatever said...

Being able to go and visit with a group of bloggers and see things like street performers is a blessing. I sometimes miss a city that I left because of the live music you could hear on the street.