12 December 2006

My favourite Christmas song

Inspired by my friends over at the Rockers Cabin I've decided to post my favorite Christmas song.You may ask why I have a favorite Christmas song being a pagan, well it's because this song also has a powerful anti war message and I am obviously a hippy protester type who thinks we should bring the boys back home for Christmas. As Christmas nowadays is not so much a religious time for most families but a time for being together and loving one another.

So I dedicate this song "Stop The Cavalry" By Jona Lewie to all the soldiers from Britain and the USA who will not be at home for Christmas, and may the Mother Goddess bless them and keep them safe.

I've not forgotten about Yule my pagan readers I will be posting my plans and recipes for it soon so keep watching. :)


Lexa Roséan said...

have a cool yule!

Anonymous said...


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Hexter said...

That possibly the most British Chirstmas song ever :)

Thank for the link, btw ;)