6 December 2006

So They Are Renewing The Trident Submarine.

My regular readers by now will have noticed I am Bush/Blair hating lily livered liberal hippy type, so it goes without saying I am not pro the renewal of the trident submarine. For those of my readers who don't know what that is, it's where Britain keeps all it's nukes. I was a child of the 80's and my parents were also liberal hippies so I was well aware of all the CND protests and the fierce nuclear debate that raged through the early part of the decade.

New Labour have once again made old Labour rotate in its grave by becoming pro trident (old Labour opposed it for those of you who don't remeber or just didn't know) and sticking up for it's renewal saying, "ooooo it's a deterrent Korea and Iran are getting nukes now too they might nuke us ooooo oooooo."
To which I respond "well if Britain and America disarmed Iran and Korea wouldn't need nukes would they you twats."

Us hippy protesters have been pointing this out for years they will of course not listen till we're all being burnt up in a big nuclear flash and their bunkers are failing and they are all dying of radiation sickness, then they'll all say through bloody vomit "oh if only we had listened to the lily livered hippies maybe our hair wouldn't be falling out" as they pick up their teeth and vainly try to put them back in. Or if they are really lucky they might say it as someone gives them 16 injections under their finger nails (apparently the antidote to radiation sickness).

The post title is a link to a BBC news article going into the politics of the situation , with some interesting links to other articles discussing all aspects of the debate.

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