24 August 2009

Ryde Carnival Photo's

Here's a slide show out of my photo's from Ryde carnival last Saturday where I wore the King Of Hearts Puppet. There were some problems with it leaning to the left and the head leaning back too far so I'll be going up the Park Centre to have some adjustments made before the illuminated procession as it did my back in a bit.
Apart from that it was good fun and worth the pain to display all the hard work we've done on the puppets this year. My friend Kim Grace who painted the faces has sadly broken her leg so was unable to be in the Carnival, she was going to be wearing the king and I was going to be wearing the knave.
The Illuminated procession is on the 5th of September I'll get more photo's of the other costumes then, I didn't get photo's of The Mad Hatters full costume or the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit.

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