20 August 2009

Carnival Is Coming Up.

Sorry about the lack of new posts I've been very busy recently doing music theory courses and preparing for Ryde Carnival along with everything else, so I've had little time left to blog. We've made all the puppets on an Alice In Wonderland theme at The Park Centre this year and I now have to wear the King Of Hearts Costume as my friend has badly broken her leg and can't do it (I was going to be the Knave Of Hearts).

Here are some photo's of me when I was trying on the costume and it was being fitted (don't worry I will have a face and arm holes on the night!)

I don't want to post anymore pictures of the costumes in case it spoils the surprise for people who haven't seen them in any of the other carnivals or parades this year. The main carnival is on Saturday 22nd of August and the Illuminated carnival Saturday the 5th September I'll be in both (if I don't get blown away wearing that costume, it goes on for about 3 or 4 foot above my head and the weather is pretty windy at the moment).

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