3 June 2009

The Pet Porte Smart Flap

A new cat flap has been unveiled at the annual BSAVA Veterinary Congress earlier this year that caught my attention recently, it’s one of those ones that only opens when your cat comes through it preventing unwanted cats entering but with a difference. It works from your cats exisiting microchip so you don’t need to make sure your cat is always wearing a collar, a great invention for people who have problems with strange cats coming into their houses and spraying or eating their cats food. I also think it’s clever idea to have it work from the microchip your cat already has internally, as if your cats are anything like mine they find a way to lose collars mysteriously whilst outside and constantly replacing one with a special chip must get pricy. The cat flaps also have improved security since the last model and it’s now impossible for rogue cats to claw it open and gain entry to your house.
They are compatible with lots of different microchips you can check if your cats is by typing in the number on a page of the website, your vet will be able to find out your cats number if you don’t have a record of it.

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Anonymous said...


There is no need to know your cat's microchip number - The Smartflap can detect it!! http://www.Catflaps4MicrochippedCats.com have them for the cheapest uk price - £99! Wow a true bargain. The other big company on here is £137. A great saving at teh fist one!