2 June 2009

More Pictures Of The Vegetables, And Possibly The Most Ironic Birds Nest In The UK?

I keep forgetting to take my camera down so I've taken some photo's with my mobile phone today, surprisingly they don't look too bad.

The Tumbling Toms are really bushing out now I'm impressed by how well they are doing, hopefully I'll get a lot of tomatoes from them, there's also a photo of the first fruit I've seen growing below

The peas are flowering nicely with several pods developing (or do you call them fruits I don't know) there's also a close up of one or two of the pods below.

And here are some pictures of possibly the most ironic birds nest in the UK, there's a pair of pigeons nesting on a recently placed pigeon net (designed to keep them out) just outside my bathroom window.

I know they are also known as flying rats and are supposed to spread disease, but it's still heart warming to watch the babies growing. There are two birds taking turns to sit on them, they literally sit right on them the babies, their backs are really flat as if designed for this. I assume the two birds are the mother and father but am not sure, I don't know how pigeon society works.

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