18 May 2009

My Progress With The Vegetables So Far.

I've been so busy with other things I haven't had time to photograph the progress my vegetables are making for my blog until today, and they all look a bit wind swept so it probably wasn't the best one for it. Above you can see my marrow fat peas which are growing very fast now I keep having to add new sticks every couple of days.

And here are two of my Tumbling Tom plants which are starting to flower now so I will hopefully see some tomatoes soon.

This quite forlorn looking patch is where my cauliflowers will go, and you can see the "Gardeners Delight" Tomatoes along the wall at the back, they still seem very small though, I've just started feeding them so hopefully they will get bigger. At the front of the bed there are some more of the tumbling tom plants and a chilli plant in containers, the chilli survived from last year where I kept indoors and is now flowering up again so hopefully will produce some more chilli's.

I'm very busy with the arrangements for the renaissance festival this week, I'm going to be doing tarot readings in the enchanted realm so I need to get some practice in as I haven't done it for a while. My costume isn't ready so I may end up making what was meant to be a dress into a skirt and wearing a blouse with it.


Sweet Serendiptiy said...

Very nice. We're working on a veggie patch too.

MOJOPHENIA - Mind Over Music said...

I have the runner beans in place with canes. Chilli and sweet pepper plants in pots also. Very tempted to grow some sweetcorn Nancy, need a guaranteed warm summer though.