7 June 2009

Baby Pigeons Growing

The two baby pigeons outside my bathroom window are getting bigger, and their parents don't sit on them so much now so you can see them a bit better.
The gardening is all going fine except for a bit of a problem with black fly on my tomatoes, I'm hoping it won't get so bad I need to use chemicals. If anyone knows of any natural remedies I could use on Black Fly please let me know. On the indoor side of my garden the chilli's are coming along well I can just about see one forming on one of the Satan's kiss plants and the others are growing well and starting to flower.

It's hard to pick up the chilli's that are starting with the camera as it blurs that close up, but where you can see the flowers going brown is where they are growing now. I still have way too many cauliflower plants despite giving loads away and planting 6 out yesterday, I'm going to have to have to go out in search of wasteland to plant them on if this continues.

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