21 March 2009

My Alexa Ranking Is Slowly Improving

Thanks to everyone who has given me a link on their blogs, though the number of links in since installing my Alexa Widget has been at 31 permanently my Rank is improving so it must be counting them. My Google Page Rank is still at zero hopefully that will follow in rising since the blog has become more active again and I'm listed in a few directories.

I also found out from someone who commented here that the way Alexa Ranks are decided has changed too it's not only down to toolbar users activity on your site so I have some hope at least.

I'll finish by posting this photo of Me and Justin Hawkins with my friend Roger taken when we met him after the Hot Leg Gig I went too at the Wedgewood rooms. He's a really nice bloke he even gave Roger a bottle of water while they were performing because he was sweating at the front and asked for some water, which I found quite touching, as I've seen people passing out from dehydration at gigs and being carried over the barriers and the artist doesn't even blink. In fact we probably would have died of dehydration on the way home if he hadn't given us the water as we had no money at all, we had to beg the people behind us in the que for pennies just to get on the ferry. Then we had to walk 2 miles to the venue me in these stupid stilletto heels you wouldn't belive could be so painful to look at them, then stand for the gig and walk back 2 miles to the ferry terminal. We then found we'd missed the 1am one so had to wait until 3am in the terminal, and when we finally got back we had to walk about 4 miles back from fishbourne to Ryde. So thanks again for the water Justin. :)

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Martin said...

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