13 March 2009

Happy friday The 13th

Update for 2012: There have been three Friday the 13ths this year and this one (July 13th) is the last one, to mark this I thought I would update the post with some Friday the Thirteenth facts and new Friday 13th Images.

  • Fear of Friday the 13th is known as  paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia
  • Alfred Hitchcock was born on Friday the 13th
  • For Pagans 13 is a lucky number as it corresponds to the number of full moons in a year.
  • Fear of Friday the 13th Goes Back To Nordic Mythology, as many of the thirteenth Gods died violent deaths.
  • For The Ancient Romans Thirteen was a number of death destruction and misfortune.

I'm going to A concert tonight in Portsmouth It's the new band of "The Darkness's" lead singer Justin Hawkins. They are called Hotleg. I've been looking forward to it for ages hopefully I will be able to get a picture to go in my photo collage below the Blogs title to go next to the one of me and Nigel Kennedy. (The one where I look really drunk and the man looks really drunk and is leaning towards me, yes that is Nigel Kennedy).
So lets hope the ferry doesn't sink on the way across the water as it's Friday the 13th, though remember in numerology 13 is actually a lucky number.


cube said...

There's no such thing as a lucky or unlucky day. Good or bad stuff can happen at any time.

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