6 September 2008

Big Brother? How much do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

Ever since it first started and I was forced to watch it because I was a media studies student and reality TV has literally just begun I have never been a fan of Big Brother. I hated every dramatically edited predictable minute of it then and I have never watched it since (except the celebrity one with Pete Burns and George Galloway that was a classic) . A quick Google search shows I am not alone in my hatred of Big Brother now too everyone's talking about it, how much they hate it that is.

In all reality TV shows now they obviously pick the most horrible people so they will all fight just to attract viewers, no matter what the format whether it's "Big Brother" or "Love Island" or whatever.

I heard that this year was the lowest rated "Big Brother" ever so hopefully they will finally put it to rest and stop putting hapless morons who in glass box and tormenting them for our entertainment every summer. They've tried every format change imaginable I can't see any other way they can try it to make it interesting, every year the contestants look more and more like the same people all merging into one big chavvy blur till finally no one cares anymore.
If you hate the show too please join me in my prayers for it's quiet and more than timely death, though we all know it will die very loudly and painfully with the TV company attempting another series with a new dramatic twist that will fall flat on it's ass and leave Davina weeping and begging us not turn over our televisions because she's just too plain old to be presenting a show like that, in vain of course.

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