9 September 2008

Site I Found On Combatting Pagan Bullies.

I've been having problems with people victimising me and trying to bring negativity upon me where I live, so I was browsing the web for a spell to help alleviate negativity in a building and possibly help the situation. I don't wish them any harm just that they would be a bit nicer as I haven't done anything to warrant how they are behaving.
I stumbled across a page on website with lots of spells for helping with all kinds of situations from people spreading gossip to making liars tell the truth here. I then read on around the rest of the site and found it is a comprehensive resource aiming at helping people being bullied in the Pagan community, something I haven't experienced in a big way but apparently quite a common problem. The homepage is here I wanted to write about it on here and link to it as it could be very helpful to people in difficult situations, and not just people being bullied by fellow pagans. The spells have been responsibly chosen and there are no curses just spells to help disperse negativity or stop people hurting you.

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Joanna said...

I'm very interested in Wicca and came across your page through (the sadly defunct) Britblogs page. I would love to cast spells but the list of ingredients can be expensive. I'd love to have my own little altar and wand and things...also love magazines like Spirit and Destiny and Fate and Fortune. They're the only magazines I read as regular women's mags just make us hate ourselves. Anyway, just wanted to say great blog, and hello from a fellow Wiccan!