30 August 2008

It's Bio-Fuels causing the rise in food prices not rising demand,

Apparently fields being turned over to grow crops to make Biofuels are what has caused the 75 percent rise in food prices (the American government have tried to claim they were only responsible for only a 3 percent rise) not increased demand from developing countries like India and china as we were being told.

The worst thing is this report was drawn up in April but has gone unpublished until now to apparently save president Bush from embarrassment (I think it's a bit late for that now don't you?).

It's also being debated whether BioFuel's are even helping climate change anyway because of the land energy they use, and apparently rain forests are being cut down to grow them too.

It annoys me they would still lie about something important like this just to save George Bush face, I don't think anyone has any faith left in him now do they? so what would it matter.

It's also interesting to read Biofuel's aren't as good as oil companies want us to believe and are actually causing more problems than they solve. So maybe they aren't the miracle fuel solution we've been looking for anyway, and maybe people should just get out of cars more and walk or take public transport, or heck even ride a bike. People who have cars depend on them too heavily anyway and are being continuously shafted with the rising fuel prices, though I understand they are necessary for people in isolated locations and who have to get to work. There's so much advice out there now on how to save on fuel consumption you don't need me telling you again, but just do it or food prices will keep going up and so will the fuel.

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