19 March 2008

Out of control Back Log at The Brit Blog directory.

I didn't log in to the admin console over at Britblog for 4 months and guess what, neither did anyone else! So we now have A Back Log of over 1000 blogs waiting to be reviewed, I've done about 100 today but will never get it down on my own so if you are an editor please log in and review a few blogs or if you would like to become one please leave a comment here and mark will get back to you.

1 comment:

Miladysa said...

I joined Britblog just after it started and I never realised they actually reviewed any blogs other than the initial approval. Do you have to submit your blog/s for a review?

I only added the Technorati code to my blog last week after I added a new blog to the diretory and discovered the tecnoranki listings.

It might be an idea if they had a newsletter or something LOL