20 March 2008

Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox.

Spring is here Ostara has begun and though I can't feel it yet (it's freezing here and about to start raining by the look of it) Some seeds I've planted are coming up and the days are finally getting longer.

This year I've Planted some catnip and some chilli's that I intend to grow indoors as I no longer have a garden (though I might be able to persuade the property manager to let me put some catnip in the garden.)

There's a Picture above of what it looks like so far quite a few seedlings have come up I'm pleased. Only trouble is watering them with a sprayer seems to knock them over, it hasn't damaged them though so I'm not too worried. When they are bigger I will transplant them to their own pots, I've found lots of information on harvesting it from my friends on mylot and this about it's magical properties in "Cunninghams Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs":

Powers:Cat Magic, love, Beauty, Happiness,

Magical Uses: Given to your cat, catnip creates a psychic bond between the two of you. It is also intoxicating to the cat.
Catnip is used in love sachets, usually in conjunction with Rose petals. If you hold catnip in your hand until it is warm, then hold anyone else's hand; they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the catnip you used for the spell in a safe place.
Grown near to the home or hung over the door,catnip attracts good spirits and great luck. Catnip is also used in spells designed to enhance beauty and happiness.
Large catnip leaves are pressed and used as bookmarks in magical texts.

Fascinating stuff I can't wait to harvest some and hang it above the door for some good luck, apparently you can start harvesting it when it's foot tall and if you leave the plants they re-grow
so I'll end up with an all year round supply, brilliant for the cats.

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amy said...

Found you on paganbloggers. What delicate little seedlings! And yes they don't even have to be a foot tall for you to trim them off and they grow right back.Maybe more like 4 inches (or of course longer if you want to do some bigger pieces to hang). Happy Spring Equinox!