16 March 2008

My Sunday Blessing- Nicotine Replacement Therapy

I've been trying to quit smoking for ages now and have currently gone 5 days without smoking using nicotine patches and gum, I keep relapsing but am determined not to now. I've decided to write about NRT today because I would never be able to do it without it as everyone around me still smokes. I'm lucky to have a local stop smoking service too where I can go and get my carbon monoxide levels measured and get my gum and patches once a week, this helps too as it inspires you to not relapse when you see how much poisonous gas has gone from your blood since you quit.
I just found on Mylot a lady called Rhianna who's quitting as well and has started a blog dedicated to it called "The Quit Club" a good idea and a somewhere all us quitters can go for inspiration and to give our own tips and advice on how to cope without nicotine. Anyone who's reading this who has already quit please visit the blog (the title "Quit club" is a link if you click it) and share any tips you have. I think Rhianna is quitting without any patches or anything which is brave, though I've advised her to go and get some sort of NRT as it really helps in the first few weeks.

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