8 November 2007

What's Happening To Blog Explsion?

I've used blog explosion for years and found it a good way to get blog visitors and is also has some useful tools like their pinging service.

I've even recently invited some friends to join, but found out new member sign ups have been locked. So I went to the forums and I find out there is a huge backlog of blogs to be approved and the owners are being unresponsive to other staff who are asking to be put on the approval team.

And it gets worse, apparently the owners seem happy to let this carry on the way it's going as long as they make money from the Ad's!

So blog explosion members if you are concerned about this I urge you to go to the members forums and join if you haven't yet, if you are a member please go to this topic Pigging BE as a cash cow? and When will new sign ups be enabled again? to register your disgust with the state of affairs.

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evelgal said...

that's horrible.. but good to know.. i signed up 2 years ago, I think they were more efficient back then. Also it seems like im getting less traffic now.

Paros Shepherd said...

Yes, BE has obviously gone downhill this year.
But BlogMad is worse; Blogazoo went out of business.
Blog Soldiers is very slow traffic.
Where else is there to go?

Sandy Carlson said...

My husband has been frustrated by an unresponsive Blog Explosion. He has submitted tickets that have sat for months and been unable to participate because he can't even log in to surf. It's unfortunate because they have a great system for getting to know blogs.

If you find a solution, please let us know!

Secret Simon said...

Hi - I just googled to see if anyone is talking about this. Now the stats for Battle of the Blogs have seized up and ping my blog is no longer working. It's like we members are in an out of control bus that is slowly disintegrating but there's no one at the wheel. If the owners are only interested in the cash, they're going to get a nasty surprise because the whole thing's going to crash (much like Blog Mad and Blog Advance) unless they start paying attention. But how do we contact them? I used the 'contact us' form to complain about an intrusive advert a few weeks ago but they never replied. This is all such a shame because Blog Explosion is basically a good thing. What a shame the owners are wrecking it...

Dirty Butter said...

Hmmmm. I've been so busy this last year with our TopList that I haven't been going to any of the exchanges. Sorry to hear that Blog Explosion has gotten so bad, as I always thought it was the best one. Sad.