7 November 2007

3 new sites I've joined.

Last night while browsing the web I found 3 great sites, two of them pagan and one regarding cats.

The first is "Pagan 100", it's a top site for Pagan Bloggers or web masters, if you could click the little green banner then click "click to proceed" before you leave you'll be voting or my blog which would be a great help :) And if you have a pagan themed site or blog add it.

The second is a top site exclusively or pagan bloggers called "blogging between the worlds" you could also click on the little purple banner saying "pagan blogs" it will register a vote for me too which will be helpful :) , and of course if you have a pagan blog add it. This site was started by RE who authors "The Sacred Space" a beautiful pagan blog well worth visiting.

The third a cat related site is wonderful it's like myspace or your cats, it's called catster and you can make a badge o cat photo's using it that works like a Flickr badge I tried adding the badge last night but it made my blog load so slow I removed it. I think it may have been to do with blogger rather than the badge however so I'm going to re do it and try adding it again in a minute beneath my Flickr Badge.

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