9 November 2007

New Pagan Graphics Site I Found

It's Called "Ambrosia's Graphics Collection" And it has a lovely page of purple graphics I've been using, you also don't have to link to her if you are saving the graphics to your computer and hosting them yourself. They are ideal for Myspace and Pagan websites it's one of the best collections of Pagan Graphics I've found in a while.

I've still managed a post every day so far for NaBloPoMo and today I even gave my flat a much needed clean, changed the cat litter tray, and went to the super Market as well. So now I'm just relaxing with a cup of tea and writing this post while Browsing those lovely Purple Graphics, and please remember to click the "pagan 100" button and the "pagan Blogs" Button in the site support section in the top left hand corner to vote for me if you want to.



MsDemmie said...

SHe has some gorgeous graphics there - and purple too - right up my street :)

Nicole said...

They look good :D!