4 November 2007

My Sunday blessing- my ipod.

This isn't a picture of my actual ipod but it is green and an ipod nano, I've also got the speaker dock my dad bought them for me last Christmas and I'm only just getting round to using them. When I first got the ipod somehow the language got set to Japanese and I lost interest in it. But now I have discovered to reset the language so when it's charged I'll be away and be able to play all my music wherever I want.

It is amazing that I can put all the music on my computer onto such a small thing and take it anywhere I want, though it will mainly just go to my living room at least we won't need a huge extension lead. This ipod is out dated already and there is a next generation one out now it's amazing how fast technology moves I certainly can't keep up with it.


CyberCelt said...

I just cannot make the move to MP3 players. I have so many albums, tapes and CDs, I cannot think of starting another collection.

Good on you for tackling the technology.

MsDemmie said...

Wonderful gadgets!

Happy BYB Sunday

Blue Panther said...

I have always wanted to get an i pod but I am sure that it will hold my interest for long. But you are right when you say that it is almost impossible to keep in pace with technology.

Sandy Carlson said...

I'm with Cybercelt. All those other old-fashioned (ahem!) media keep me from the little guy!-