5 November 2007


I know I've written about IMVU before on here but I'm really enjoying it now and have bought a castle which is lovel and has a secret entrance I also bought some nice furniture with it too. I also bought a curvier avatar (The one you are issued with to begin with is a bit of a stick insect). It's really fun chatting in 3D and you can make yourself look any way you want you can even get wings etc.

I'd really like to meet more people I know on there and chat to them so if you are interested in joining click The post title or click here and download the software, and if you are already a member and would like to add me click the image above to see my homepage. You get free credits for signing up to get you started and if you have any problems I'll help you just start a chat with me, I look forward to meeting you on IMVU.
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