4 March 2007

My Sunday blessing- The Moon.

Last nights Lunar eclipse made me think about the moon and how much it means to me as A Wiccan so I decided to devote this weeks Sunday Blessing to it. I got several pictures of the eclipse they aren't all very clear but I'd like to share them anyway so you know what the eclipse looked like from my part of the world.

This is the moon before the eclipse began quite a clear one I thought.

This is the moon at about 9.30 pm the bottoms starting to disappear now, the Camera moved a bit making the picture a bit weird.

By 9.50 you could hardly even see the moon.

But By 12.50am you could see the moon again, I couldn't catch the redness you could see about now on camera though I tried.

So here's to the moon and Happy Blog Your Blessing Sunday, welcome to all the new guys too I see the blog roll has grown i look forward to reading your posts. Sorry I missed last week as well I was feeling quite uninspired sadly.


MsDemmie said...

Beautiful pictures - have to wait until my computer is fixed before I can see if mine have come out.

She was beautiful last night.......

Happy BYB Sunday.

Kuanyin said...

Mahalo for sharing your photos of the lunar eclipse! And Happy BYB Sunday!

Blue Panther said...

Nice pictures of the eclipse!

Have a great week.