5 March 2007

Review My Post

Are you a member of pay per post the site that pays you to write sponsored posts? Or perhaps you are interested in making money from your blog but don’t want to write sponsored posts? Did you know that pay per post also has a blog reviewing programme and by including the “review my post” button at the bottom of your posts you earn money every time a post you made gets reviewed or you review someone else's post? (if your already a member and didn’t know about this click on “affiliate tools” to find out more).
It also helps to increase blog traffic and interest in your blog with no more effort than that, even if you don’t review others posts you still make money if someone reviews yours, and you blog gets talked about on other blogs. The programme is growing steadily and pays well so it’s worth signing up even if just to take part in the review programme, I was unsure about writing sponsored posts at first but there is such a diverse range of things you can write about there’s bound to be something that will fit into your blog you can write about. Even I’ve found some and my blog’s on quite an unusual topic.

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Mama Kelly said...

I had wanted to join payperpost but as my blogs are dual-authored I am disqualified.


Mama Kelly