1 March 2007

Making Money Online.

I occasionally post on this blog my attempts to make money online, I've been at it again and have found a new and addictive site that pays you to post in and start discussions relating to your interests and upload pictures. The only catch are the highly targeted ads on every page they are so targeted however they are even useful. I've been posting there for a couple of weeks and have earned a couple of dollars, not a fortune but better than the big fat nothing I get for posting on other forums. The minimum payout is 10 dollars and they pay into your paypal account egold account or by cheque. I've been on there most days which explains the lack of posts over here, sorry about that. You also get to create a profile and ad friends so there's a community atmosphere if you'd like to sign up click here and don't forget to ad me as friend :). I'm also looking for a blog sidebar sized button for the site, if anyone has made one I can use please let me know.

I'm also still doing the PTR though I've dramatically reduced the amount of sites I'm a member of, I've found a UK one that pays in pounds called Archer Fish, my earnings are building up quickly I highly recommend it to other British people and I think they accept members from all over the world too, if you'd like to sign up click here.

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