3 March 2007

Sandy Denny Under Review-DVD Review.

Here's the review of The Sandy Denny DVD "Sandy Denny Under Review" I promised, sorry it's so late I haven't had much time to blog recently.

It's actually a documentary all about Sandy's career, and is very lovingly made with interviews from guys like Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy which is cool. The "new footage" is actually clips of the footage that's been going round on you tube for ages, the only bit I hadn't seen was Sandy doing Gypsy Davey with Fotheringay. Though there are some live recordings I hadn't heard before. There must not be any footage of Sandy and Led Zeppelin, as they just did a montage of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page over the song. And Jimmy Page isn't even playing an acoustic guitar in this montage either which I shouted at the screen about :).

I must confess I already new most of what was said in this documentary, but if you are a Sandy Denny fan who wants to know more about her life and different bands I heartily recommend it to you. People have waited along time for a detailed documentary just about Sandy like this and it was good and covered her career pretty completely.

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