27 February 2007

Something For Others born in July

Got this in an email today and wanted to share it, sorry for the lack of posts too I've got addicted to another site I shall post about later.

"If you were born in JULY you are represented by 'Anubis'
Anubis, God of death and the afterlife presided over
the mummification ceremonies. He watched over the passing
of the dead, judging their souls and assuring their protection,
nourishing them and bringing peace.

Mysterious and full of secrets, you prefer the shade to the light,
anonymity to popularity which has made you a discreet person.
You are liked for your super sensitivity and loyalty at any cost,
which comes with huge honesty towards yourself and others.
Your delicate nature sometimes leaves you emotionally
vulnerable and the slightest upset can send you reeling and unable
to make decisions.
This is why you are so careful when it comes to choosing a partner so
trust your instincts !"

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