25 September 2006


It's all true too if you actually read the bible you can't deny it, I did for half of my life before I took my Wiccan path. Fellow Pagans and people with open minds will like it, any God Bloggers who want to argue with me over my religious choices can shove it up thier asses! :)

Blessed be all my pagan friends.


alwayscrashing said...

What is in there has nothing on what they left out, what they added and which texts they chose to be included in the New Testament.

There is actual physical proof that much was altered my mysogenist mediaeval church leaders so they can claim the bible says women have less rights. Then there is the case of all the things people think is in the bible because they are taught in church, when in fact they are not in there at all.

Then there is the really fun stuff in the old testament, where it quite clearly says that if a woman is raped she has to marry her attacker.

It's interesting how christians can choose to ignore some things but insist they have to take others word for word. Just like all organised religion they are using their texts to support whatever shitty things they want to do.

Nancyrowina said...

Not to mention the terrible human rights violation carried out on Jesus Christ which they tell the children happened for them every year at Easter.

Beth said...

I'm by far not a religious zealot, but, I also don't judge others by their spiritual path. What many-both religious and non-religious fail to remember is the Bible was not meant to be taken literally. The Old Testament is the "history", and, per my church's beliefs, the New Testament is what we are to live by. Do I live by the Bible word for word? Certainly not. I think as a (once Christian) I would be selling myself short on learning and tolerance of others. However I do take offense when someone refers to the Bible as "shitty text." In the time period the Bible was written, women did have less rights. Unfortunately, since most mainstream religions take the Bible word for word and practice certain forms of discrimination against women. As someone who accepts all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, I would never discuss someone's choice of religion and consider them ignorant for that choice. This is how both the post and the comments come across. Had I not read the words, "shitty text," I would not have commented. I would have accepted your beliefs and moved on. If you're truly Pagans, I would think accepting others would be your main concern, instead you're doing exactly what you claim Christians do. Judging based on beliefs.

goldennib said...

There are many people of all faiths that are nuts and intolerant, including pagans.

By the way, I have always envisioned Jesus' death as analogous with the self sacrifice that the Great Horned God performs every year. Both willing give their lives each year for the continuing lives of their communities.

Anonymous said...

Throughout the ages, Mankind has been visited by rare individuals whose sole purpose is the spiritual upliftment of humanity. Jesus Christ was one of these visitors, as were Shakyamuni, buddha and Mohammed.

These three are well known to us, but there are many others whose names we do not know, some taught publicly, and where known by a few and others remained anonymous.

These individuals were called by different names, at different times, in different countries. They have been referred to as:
Master, Avatar, Enlightened One, Savior, Messiah, Divine Mother, Messenger, Guru, Living Saint and the likes there of.

They came to offer us what has been called: Enlightenment, Salvation, Realization, Liberation, or awakening. The words used may be different, but in essence they all mean the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Jesus and his teaching are on the wheel of truths, and for a wiccan, pagan or any other pactitioner of the Art of Magick to dismiss the teachings of one of the greatest magickians in the world would be rediculess.

Healing by touch, To reconnect an ear that has been cut off, to walk across water, to feed thousands with only five fish and five loafs of bread, to heal a woman in one touch who bled for 12 year. To heal lepers by touch with out contracting lepracy, to calm storms with the wave of your hand... Jesus said to his disiples, All that you see me do here today you to can do, have faith and all things will come to you. So it is posible for simple humans like peter and paul, mark and john to do these same magickal acts...if you disagree with the teachings of the morals or ethics with in the bible this is one thing, but to denie yourself of knowledge, perhaps even divine knowledge would be fuitless to say the least..

You should practice from the wheel of truth, which incorprates all truths from all walks and religions. Truth is not bound to Wiccan or Christian beliefs, A truth does not care about your opinion or your feelings, a truth is simply that, the truth.


Anonymous said...

In response to the comment from 'anonymous' above. Perhaps Jesus/God/Mohammed/Buddha could grant you a miracle and improve your comand of the English language, your spelling is atrocious.