1 August 2006

WOMAD 2006

I saw some good artists this year and as usual had a great time the flags were out again, they are different every year.

Akli D was one of my favourite artists he's from Algeria and had to flee his homeland to go to Paris where he formed his musical style drawing from many influences, including western Rock and reggae, as well as Algerian folk. He has great stage presence and dances , in the photo he's playing the banjo (I think correct me if I'm wrong) he also played the guitar. Every now and then a roadie ran on the stage with a cigarette for him, then took it and ran off again.

This is a large puppet from the procession at the end of the festival, there's one every year to show all the things the children have made in the workshops that go on over the weekend.

There's also a stall by a company called Bubble Inc at WOMAD every year, (note-for some reason blogger is inserting the url of my blog into the adress bar when you click that link, no matter how many times I edit it, to get to the site just delete the url of my blog off the address) it sells every type of bubble toy you can imagine, and even a few you never imagined. It's where the kids get thier bubble guns from. On the last night around midnight we were going back to our tents when we saw a small show starting (very small there were no more 15 people watching). The bubble he 's holding in this photo he blew using no tool other than bubble fluid and his hands.

And here he has a chain of three bubbles he blew with his hands.

And here he is putting a child in bubble, he's in the Guiness book of world records for putting 19 children in a bubble. He's even been on Blue Peter, you can see his Blue Peter Badge in the photo's.

He told us at the end of the show Bubble inc Stocks a Bubble toy from every continent except South america, and they are trying to find one, so if anyone knows of one contact them through thier site.

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