3 August 2006

Thursday Cat Post

I missed last weeks Thursday cat post as I was at WOMAD, this week I actually managed to get some photo's of Tabitha, she's quite hard to photograph as she doesn't stay still when you want her too.

Here she is looking at the camera.

And here she is licking her own foot, which i always find amusing for some reason.

Today on of the cats bought home a dead bird, so I had to go out and get collars with bells on. Tabitha is not impressed with hers she hates wearing a collar, I had to chase her around the house to put it on. And here's the new Gazoo


takeshi said...

Hi Nancy!
This cat so cute.

By the way, I found a cute game made in Japan.
It is free.

MsDemmie said...

Gorgeous cats with wonderful names - hope you manage to catch your butterfly.

fin said...

adorable kitties

Sandal Showcase said...

aww! she's beautiful! Looks sorta like one of mine, 'cept mine is dark grey, fatter and named Trippity!

Lord Matt said...

Your cats are very cool. My flat is not a suitable place for pets otherwise there would be as many creatures as humans for sure.