5 August 2006

A Nice Cup Of Tea And A sit Down -Book Review

There is little we British enjoy more than A nice cup of tea and a sit down, I personally am a great lover of tea, so imagine my joy when I discovered this book and it's accompanying Website.

The book tells you everything you could need to know about giving tea to English people (take note Americans), tea etiquette, and biscuits and cakes. It talks about storage vessels for biscuits, the best of course being a biscuit barrel, as well as how to find a perfect tea pot and the right mug/cup.

All the main and best known/loved brands of biscuit and cake are reviewed, and there's even a section on tips for dunking well and without biscuit breakage. And the debate over jaffa cakes (are they a cake or a biscuit?) is revived and some interesting points are raised.

Reading this book inspired me to purchase my own biscuit barrel on eBay, and I found a reasonably priced vintage 60's Barrett ware one, I'll post a picture of it later if anyone's interested.

This book is really charmingly well written and fun to read, especially if you love tea but even if you don't. I bought the paperback which only seems to be available in Britain according to Amazon.

If you do like the sound of the book please consider buying it through one of my links below (For both UK and USA Readers), as it may help me earn a pittance. Thanks.


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