9 August 2006

Save Stonehenge.

You will recognise the picture I'm sure, Stonehenge is one of the most famous standing stone circles in the world.

Our government has decided they want to widen an already busy Dual carriage into 4 lane motorway running right through the middle of the site. (not directly through the stones, but the land around them is a heritage site too, and other archaeological remains will be destroyed.) They say the part of the road that runs nearest the stones will be in a tunnel, but they will still bull doze the other road, which could leave 2 great big trenches through the landscape. They also want install a "visitor Centre, all of this will have an impact on surrounding communities and wildlife, the post title is a link to the campaign website, please sign the petition and read more about the proposed scheme and what you can do to help stop it.


Flo said...

I think it's a great plan and I fully support it.
Since there is a road which runs right next to to the circle anyway (which you myseriously don't mention here) and has done for over 60 years, a tunnel will make it more pleasant for anyone visiting this attraction.
Couple that with a new visitor centre (much needed - the current one is terrible!) and you're going to have a really nice, educational, well maintained place to visit.

Where's the problem with that?

Nancyrowina said...

they're going to churn up the road that already exists, which I did mention, and when they dig the tunnel it's going to DESTROY other archaeological sites, which I also mentioned. I do agree a better visitor centre would be good, but remeber every foot of that land could contain amazing archaeological remains. So putting a big building would hide that from us further.