10 August 2006

Free Pagan software!

Just found a great page with loads of pagan freeware software downloads (post title is the link), I've just downloaded the book of shadows thing myself I had it before it was very useful.

It contains everything the Computer age Pagan could need, you can personalise and pass word it, it contains sections for recipes spells rituals and incense. So you can build up a book of shadows on your computer! I must remember to save it to a CD this time however.

There's also a piece of software that claims to help you have lucid dreams, I'll test it and let you know if it works. I've also been listening to new Pagan radio station I found, it's really good. They hardly ever play Enya and I've found some new artists I like from listening to it.

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Eveline said...

Thank you so much for that link!