11 August 2006

My Blog is up on 25 peeps!

If you click the post title you'll find the site 25 peeps, it's a site where 25 pictures of people are on the front page the picture is a link to thier site, and you only stay on the front page as long as your link is popular, so if you like my blog please go and click my picture it's the one to the left in case you don't recognise me. The longer I stay on the front page the more traffic I get so please click for me. it seems to work it's increased my traffic, so think about adding your own blog if you have one.


daze said...

wow thats too technical for me! i clicked anyway, love the blog - used to be a practicing wiccan myself! will bookmark your blog.
changing daze

Daniel said...

25peeps looks a bit weird