25 July 2006

UK Pagans Web Ring

I started a web ring for Pagans across the UK as there wasn't one, it has no members at the moment other than me. So if you have a Pagan themed site you can install a web ring code into and are from the UK please join. It will increase your targetted fellow UK Pagans traffic. The Post title is a link to join page or look for the code in my sidebar and click the join link.

I'm going away on holiday to the WOMAD festival on Thursday morning so I won't be posting again till Monday. I'll have lot's of great photo's when I get back hopefully so watch out for them. I go nearly every year it's always a visual feast.

And here's the new Gazoo


Guinchogirl said...

Hi Nancy,
I really like your blog. I've just started my own a couple of weeks ago (Guinchogirl.com), so I'm really new to this. I love the moon phase tracker and the links are cool. I hope you enjoyed WOMAD! :) Sarah

kapital said...

Hey you:
Get over here.

WebKittyn said...

Hi Nancy!

I'm WebKittyn and I'll be your happy monitor during the 'thon! Just wanted to come by and say hello, interesting place you have here.

See you tomorrow!